ə.f. bax: dəssas

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  • kar|y|o|ki|ne|sis — «KAR ee oh kih NEE sihs», noun. Biology. the division of the cell nucleus, especially in mitosis. ╂[< karyo + Greek kínēsis motion < kīneîn move] …   Useful english dictionary

  • kar|y|ol|y|sis — «KAR ee OL uh sihs», noun. Biology. the dissolution of a cell nucleus …   Useful english dictionary

  • kar — ab·kar; am·phi·kar·y·on; ar·kar; ar·rhe·no·kar·y·ot·ic; as·kar; bal·kar; cha·kar; chu·kar; da·kar; dja·kar·ta; djok·ja·kar·ta; eus·kar·i·an; jhu·kar; ka·kar; kar·a·kul; kar·a·kurt; kar·a·mu; kar·at; kar·a·tas; kar·i·era; kar·in·gho·ta; kar·i·te;… …   English syllables

  • sis — sis·co·wet; sis·er·ara; sis·kin; sis·se·ton; sis·si·fied; sis·si·ness; sis·sle; sis·sonne; sis·soo; sis·ta·ni; sis·ten; sis·ter·less; sis·ter·li·ness; sis·tern; sis·ter·ship; sis·tren; sis·trum; sis·tru·rus; sis·y·phe·an; sis·y·rin·chi·um;… …   English syllables

  • car|y|op|sis — «KAR ee OP sihs», noun. a small, dry seed fruit, especially of grasses. A grain of wheat is a caryopsis. ╂[< New Latin caryopsis < Greek káryon nut + ópsis appearance] …   Useful english dictionary

  • het|er|o|kar|y|o|sis — «HEHT uhr oh KAR ee OH suhs», noun. the condition of having or forming heterokaryons …   Useful english dictionary

  • karyokinesis — kar·yo·ki·ne·sis .kar ē ō kə nē səs, kī n, pl ne·ses .sēz 1) the nuclear phenomena characteristic of mitosis 2) the whole process of mitosis compare CYTOKINESIS kar·yo·ki·net·ic net ik adj * * * …   Medical dictionary

  • y — ac·an·thol·y·sis; ac·e·tol·y·sis; acet·y·lase; acet·y·late; acet·y·la·tion; acet·y·la·tor; acet·y·le·na·tion; acet·y·lene; acet·y·le·nic; acet·y·le·nyl; acet·y·lide; acet·y·li·za·tion; acet·y·liz·er; ace·tyl·sa·lic·y·late; achlam·y·date;… …   English syllables

  • karyolysis — Apparent destruction of the nucleus of a cell by swelling and the loss of affinity of its chromatin for basic dyes. [karyo + G. lysis, dissolution] * * * kar·y·ol·y·sis .kar ē äl ə səs n, pl …   Medical dictionary

  • karyopyknosis — Cytologic characteristics of the superficial or cornified cells of stratified squamous epithelium in which there is shrinkage of the nuclei and condensation of the chromatin into structureless masses. [karyo + G. pyknos, thick, crowded, + osis,… …   Medical dictionary

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